Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sticky Pepper Spray Gel with LED Light

Looking for protection for your evening outings? Well this Mace Pepper Spray Night Defender, might be what you've been looking for! Of course, it could be used during the day too, but it has an advantage other defense sprays in the market don't have and that is that it also has an LED light.

The LED light turns on, once you lift the safety cap with your thumb. When you have lifted the cap and press down on the button under it, a stream of STICKY GEL comes out that can reach up to 18 feet! Not many sprays can do that! The gel is very dense, so it can reach further and it also is not affected by wind as much as other lighter products are. Plus it won't contaminate your surroundings as much either! When you aim the Mace Pepper Gel Night Defender at a potential attacker's face, it literally sticks to their skin and it makes it harder for the person to wipe off the very hot pepper. Since this product is hotter than most defense sprays out there, it will make the person's eyes burn so much that their eyes will slam shut. Therefore they will be temporarily blind and you can get the hell out of there!

Who said women couldn't have a night life? The Mace Pepper Gel Night Defender with LED light, is great for taking to nightclubs, concerts, restaurants, movies or just for strolling around your own neighborhood block in the evening after dinner. But don't forget, it also comes in handy during the day too!
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