Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Online Dating Sites Finally Start Screening Sexual Predators

Dating for the first time, in general, is risky business. But dating someone you found online is even riskier! It's about time that dating websites decided to screen for these violent rapists. It's a shame that women have been exposed to sexual predators through these websites, when it is information that is so readily available from authorities. Shame on, eHarmoney and Spark Networks, for not screening for this, from the beginning. We hope that other online sites will follow their example if they do not already, screen for sexual predators.

It's sad to find out that a woman had to be assaulted on a date, using an online dating site, before anyone did anything about it. If you are using or considering using these types of websites to find your better half, please do your own homework. Check your local police website. Most if not all police websites have a listing of sexual predators in your area. Some are as detailed as mapping exactly what address they live at, their full name and a photo of the rapists near you! Make sure that the person you are considering, is not included in this list!

PLUS, always follow your instincts, stay away from any person that makes you feel uneasy or creepy. Better to walk away than to become a victim of a rapist.
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