Friday, March 2, 2012

Is it Perfume or is it Pepper Spray?

That's something for women to know and for potential attackers to find out, with an element of surprise!

One of the best things about having a weapon, is that you can keep it hidden away or in this case, disguised. Thats what these pepper spray containers on our website are; hidden in your pocket, purse, or backpack and disguised as perfume! They even contain 17% pepper concentration, versus other brands that contain 10%.

Our Perfume Pepper Sprays, have an element of surprise against an attacker. Picture yourself on a date with a new person, that starts to get a little aggressive towards you. The aggression starts to escalate... You decide to pretend that you welcome the passion and just want to freshen up, while you pop out your perfume! Little does the potential attacker know that what your hands hold, is in fact a weapon! You play along and open your perfume container, or so they think... Then, instead of aiming the supposed perfume towards yourself, you spray it directly into their eyes! Problem solved. You leave the scene. If you feel the attacker was a potential future threat to you or other women, you follow thru and call the police when you get to a safe place. This pepper spray also contains a UV die, that helps police identify the attacker too!

This particular pepper spray weapon comes in 3 colors; black, pink and purple. It also is available in 3 different shapes; round, triangular and heart shaped.
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