Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Have You Ever Heard of the Mace Pepper Gun?

You are not alone. Many people are unaware that it exists. It's a shame too, because it is one of the best self defense weapon a person can have without having to shoot a lethal bullet into someone's body. 

The Mace Pepper Gun is probably the only self defense weapon on the market today, for civilians, that can shoot up to a distance of 20 feet! Unlike regular pepper sprays, you don't have to entirely replace the unit when you run out of the spray. The Mace Pepper Gun utilizes replaceable cartridges that can shoot 6 to 7 blasts, depending on how long you hold the trigger. Since this weapon uses cartridges, you also have the option to simply keep the trigger pressed constantly, which makes it shoot a nonstop stream, until it runs out of the solution. When the cartridge is used up, just replace it! No need to buy another gun. PLUS, unlike other pepper sprays that need to be held upright, you can shoot this Mace weapon, sideways or even upside down, and, it even has an LED light. This light is very convenient at night and disorients anyone you aim it at!

This self defense weapon is easy to use. All you have to do is move the safety switch to "fire", this also turns the LED light on, aim the Mace Pepper Gun at a potential attacker and press the trigger! The hot solution should be sprayed into the face, and it will make the attacker's eyes slam shut, causing constant coughing and give a burning skin sensation. These effects could last up to 45 minutes too! While the attacker is going through all this agony, he or she, will be temporarily blinded, giving you a window of opportunity to escape!

Weight:  28 grams
Dimensions:  Approx. 6.5" x 4.5" x 1.5"
Spray Pattern:  Stream
Range:  Up to 20'
Cartridge:  Comes w/cartridge and practice water cartridge
(approximately 4 year expiration date label)
Features:  Refillable and LED light
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