Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Personal Alarm with Motion Sensor

Photo by Soon.
Do you travel a lot, have many business meetings or perhaps, live in a college dorm? Can it sometimes be overwhelming to keep an eye on your personal possessions, let alone your personal safety? If your answer is yes to any of these, you might need a personal alarm. But not just your run of the mill personal alarm, this device also has a motion sensor... no kidding!

The Personal Travel Alarm, not only can protect you but it can also protect your belongings. This baby has an ear piercing alarm that you can pull up, if you think you are in danger and need someone to hear your call for help! PLUS it also has a convenient LED flashlight and a motion sensor! The motion sensor helps protect your stuff from thieves! Say for example, if you are in a hotel room and you want to be aware if someone is opening the door, the device will detect the movement and make a high squeaking sound! Or if you live in a dorm and your roommate want's to use your computer without your consent, you can catch them red handed! All you have to do is aim the Personal Travel Alarm towards a certain object, wait for 60 seconds until the sensor becomes active... Afterwards the sensor will pickup any movement in front of it, be it a door, computer, purse, backpack or anything else, for that matter. The motion detector can reach up to 10 feet and it has a horizontal detection span of 30°. The alarm goes off for 15 seconds, or less if you manually stop it. It's size, you ask? The unit only measures 2.5 inches tall and batteries are included.

One thing we want to warn you about. It could be habit forming because you will want to aim this motion gadget at everything you can think of, that could be stolen!

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