Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pepper Spray For Those Of Us Who Can't Aim

Photo by andyburnfield

OK, I'll admit it, I can't aim, never could! Mace was thinking of us bad aimers, when they made the Mace Triple Action Fogger. 

The most popular defense sprays out on the market, shoot pepper in a liquid stream, not in a spray. Even though they call it a spray! The reason pepper spray shoots a stream, is to help aim at a person's eyes or face. But Mace makes a defense product that actually shoots pepper, like hairspray. A cone shaped mist. This is a sure way for the pepper to reach an attacker, even if you aim it at their chest!

Mace Triple Action Fogger
Mace Triple Action Fogger blends pepper (Oleoresin capsicum or OC), tear gas and UV dye, in one container! The added tear gas, will get into an attacker's lungs and will give them an uncontrollable cough. Plus they will start choking and become disoriented. Their eyes and entire face will feel like they're burning too! On top of that, the UV dye will invisibly mark an attacker and will enable police to identify them if captured. Since this particular defense product is more of a mist, you must spray it and immediately run away, so that the fog doesn't affect you! Especially if used outdoors, in windy conditions.

The Triple Action Fogger comes in 2 sizes, 60-gram for personal use and in 120-gram recommended for home use. Both can reach a distance of approximately 8 feet. The smaller size contains about 15, one-second shots, while the larger one has approximately 25, one-second shots.

It's nice to know that even the worse aimers, can still get good personal protection!

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