Thursday, April 5, 2012

Is She a Prostitute or Is She Homeless?

Photo by Ainznando

Did you read about the woman arrested in Florida by an undercover police officer who was pretending to be looking for sexual favors? This is normal practice for the police, in order to get prostitution off the streets. But in this particular case, the woman told him that her fee was 2 McDoubles and later hinted for a tip of $40 as well.

While reading this, it makes you wonder... Was this woman really a prostitute or was this her way to survive, because of her homelessness? I'm not sure if this particular woman didn't have a home, but there probably are hundreds of women out there that are in this predicament, because they are homeless. If you analyze this more closely, you can also ask yourself; why don't homeless men do this? The answer is obvious. The market for male prostitutes is much smaller.

The homeless women, can very easily come across as prostitutes to the police. Especially when these women are so hungry that they feel the need to sell their body, to get nutrition. We need to make sure that our national police force are educated enough to be able to tell the difference! It's a shame to think that hungry women end up serving time, instead of being sent to a soup kitchen, simply because they are too poor.

Police information Source:
The Huffington Post
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