Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Who Doesn't Know What Mace Spray Is?

Mace has been around for protection against crime, since 1965 and was invented by a man named Allan Lee Litman. It all started because his wife, Doris, had been threatened on the streets. 

Now here was a good man! And thanks to him, we now carry pepper spray, pretty much all over the world... Of course if law allows us to. Yes, in some places in our country and abroad, Mace Pepper Spray or any other brand, is illegal to carry! Of course, the police carry it for protection all over the world too and most, if not all, of our postal people carry it for protection!

Sometimes people are a little confused about the name. They ask; what's the difference between Mace and Pepper Spray? Well basically there is no difference, "Mace" is just a brand name, like "Streetwise" is, or any other pepper spray brand out there!

There are though, some differences between brands... Mace, for example, manufactures some of their products with an extra substance, "Tear Gas". Most all pepper products on the market, also have a UV dye, that helps police identify an attacker, if taken into custody. The brand's most popular spray can reach up to 10 feet, but some like the Mace Pepper Gun, can reach up to 20 feet! They have hard cover and soft cover models with different colors, police model, along with disguised products that look like a pen, walking weights and batons. You can choose the product in liquid, gel, foam or fogger form. They actually make defense products for protection against aggressive dogs, called Muzzle. This is especially handy for bikers, runners, joggers, etc. Plus, they make Bear Spray, which is great for hunters or people that like to go camping or hiking.

Hope this information came in handy for you! Please let us know if you have any other questions about personal safety or any other products on our website.

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