Thursday, April 26, 2012

Stun Gun Rod, Powerful Yet Simple

Photo by S.MiRK

This weapon is for those of us who like to keep things simple. But simple doesn't mean weak... This basic stun device carries 1.5 million powerful volts of self defense! Just test firing this weapon into the air, will make a very intimidating sound and discourage anyone from getting near you.

You only have to touch an attacker with the Stun Gun Rod, to disable him or her. It includes 2 convenient, bright, LED lights which helps when used in the dark. You will also notice that it has a rubberized armor coating which prevents the unit from slipping from your fingers and which also protects your weapon! The molded finger grip and convenient trigger or button, makes it easy to hold! When using the unit, we recommend you place around your wrist, the disable pin strap that comes with it. When you have this strap around your wrist and an attacker takes the rod away from you, the Stun Gun Rod, will not work! Therefore the weapon can't be used against you.

More Convenient Features
The Stun Gun Rod is rechargeable! No need to get batteries, just plug it into a wall socket. This self defense device is also small. It measures only 6 1/4 inches long by just 1 inch thick. It's not much bigger than a magic marker, so you can very easily place it in your purse, backpack, pocket, etc. But for those of you that like to carry devices around your hip, it also includes a holster. People won't think that it is a self defense product, rather that it's some kind of tool or a skinny flashlight. Well, it is a flashlight, but with added benefits! Plus, like most other stun guns, it also has a safety on-off switch which prevents the unit from accidentally discharging.

There you have it! Don't leave your home without it. Always carry it with you for self defense and keep it handy in your hand when you are walking alone or in any dangerous situations! One more thing... You can keep this baby for a long time, since it has a LIFETIME LIMITED WARRANTY!

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