Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Police Aren't The Only Ones That Can Use Batons!

You know what I'm talking about... Those batons that the police use when there are riots, or when they wear them hanging off their belts. You see some cops, knocking people over the head with them and striking people across the back of their knees.

Believe it or not, ordinary citizens are also allowed to use them. You're probably thinking; "I'm not going to go around with a nightstick, hanging off my hip!". Well, unless you are a police person, security guard or want to carry it when you walk your dog, to protect it from fierce, stray dogs, then sure, it would look a bit intimidating! But what about for home protection?

There are 2 types of batons available for citizens, metal collapsable ones and stun batons. We will focus on the stun batons. These are not for knocking a burglar over the head, but rather for stunning them with an electrical charge. The real strength of this weapon is in it's powerful voltage. The Peacemaker Stun Baton, specifically, has an incredible 6 million volts of protection for your home! This will bring any burglar down! Don't worry about the intruder grabbing it from you. If he or she, decides to even touch this weapon, the grab guards or side metal rods will also stun or shock them! The Peacemaker also has a convenient, bright LED flashlight. This helps you to see the burglar in the dark and at the same time, you can aim the bright light at their eyes to disorient them. This product can provide you with much better protection for your home, than a baseball bat could.

• Rechargeable: No need for batteries
• Rubberized Armor Coating: Won't slide from you hands or break easily
• Safety Switch: Prevents accidental discharge
• Long Reach: Measures 14.25 inches for protection at a distance

To top it off, this stun baton weapon also comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY!
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