Friday, April 20, 2012

Pay Only $6 on Any Half Ounce 17% Pepper Spray!

Photo by Parker Michael Knight

You don't want to miss this offer from our website... Just select from all 8 colors available in both the hard case or soft case, half ounce, 17% pepper spray. Only while supplies last!

Get some for your friends and loved one's safety too. Crime can be prevented by pepper spray, heck police officers use it. Why not you? In case you didn't know, 17% means the percentage of pepper contained in the spray. Most other pepper spray, have 10%. These are almost twice as hot! This $6 offer is available while supplies last and does not include the disguised products, such as the perfume looking ones.

17% Hard Case Pepper Spray
Remember to aim at the face and eyes, if someone looks like they are about to commit a crime against you. This will make their eyes slam shut, due to the excruciating heat and pain in the eyes, which will cause temporary blindness. They will also start coughing. While the attacker is going through all this aggravation, you have a window of opportunity, to make your escape, unharmed! Plus it contains a UV dye that will invisibly mark an attacker and enable police to identify them, if captured.

17% Soft Case Pepper Spray

Practice safety by making sure that you always have the spray in your hand and ready to be used, when you are alone in a public area, stairway, garage, etc. All our 17% spray have a convenient key ring, so that you can automatically have it available for safety, whether you are going to or from your car or home. Remember that you can prevent crime, if you are alert and aware of your surroundings!
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