Friday, April 13, 2012

Non Lethal Weapons, Great for Self Defense

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We can't take the law into our own hands, but we can have protection, without killing someone. Women On Guard™, was founded back in 2006 with women's protection in mind and also with the knowledge that most women like to nurture more than they like to end life. So unlike other websites that include products which are lethal, like firearms and knives, we decided to carry products such as pepper spray and make our site a pro safety, self defense site and not one that promotes ending people's lives.
Taser C2
Our products are very effective protection against potential attackers. Some of the products like the Tasers we carry, the C2, M26c and X26c, are non lethal and just as powerful as the Tasers police carry. The only difference between ours and the police Tasers is that ours reach 15 feet vs. police Tasers that can reach 30. What better to use for your personal defense than what police around the world use? We also carry very potent 17% concentration, pepper spray, that again is used by police worldwide. There are other products that we carry besides pepper spray and Tasers, which are also effective in deterring crime without ending someone's life.
17% Pepper Spray Concentration
One more thing to think about, if you are looking for a weapon... You are less likely to be sent to prison for defending yourself with one of our defense weapons, than you are if you carried a lethal firearm! Don't settle for your own life ending because you are sent to prison. Instead defend yourself without jeopardizing your own freedom too! AND if God forbid, your non lethal weapon is turned against you, you won't have your life ended.

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