Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Mother's Day Gift: Mace® Triple Action with Tear Gas Defense Spray!

Not all pepper sprays are alike... These Mace Pepper Spray units make great gifts and are available in 3 sizes, furthermore they also contain TEAR GAS!

Mace Pepper Spray has been around for decades. Your mother probably used it when she was a teenager. Now a days all women should carry protection because of all the rapist, attackers and sick people addicted to drugs!

Depending on what units you purchase for a Mother's Day Gift, these Mace Pepper Spray units can shoot 10-20 one second bursts and spray from 8-12 feet away! Remember that these units contain TEAR GAS, most other units do not...

Pepper spray alone will burn an attacker's eyes and entire face and can even penetrate into their lungs. Can you imagine what it would do if you add TEAR GAS? Although it hurts like hell, it won't damage their eyes or face, but they will cry like a baby! PLUS, all these units include an Invisible UV Marking Dye, that facilitates police in capturing a rapist or attacker. Police can place the individual under a UV Lamp and verify if they have been pepper sprayed!

Let her know you want her to be safe and give her a Mace Pepper Spray for a Mother's Day Gift... She will love you for it and also be protected wherever she goes!

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