Wednesday, May 17, 2017

SABRE Drink Test Kits - 5 Pack with 10 Tests to Prevent Date Rape!

If you are a woman that goes to nightclubs or bars, you are more likely to become intoxicated by tampered drinks such as GHB and Ketamine. 

There are men that take advantage of women and can place a drug into your drink, without you knowing it! Of course, the reason for this is because they want to rape you! At, we have a little envelope that includes 5 test strips, each of which has 2 per strips. A total of 10 tests altogether! It's called: SABRE Drink Test Kits - (5 Pack) each with 20 tests to Prevent Date Rape! A total of 50 tests!

Women need protection in nightclubs or bars and these little cards are a good defense against date rape with GHB and Ketamine! It’s small and easy to use, as well. Just place a drop on each both circles of the black oval, wait for it to dry and check! It’s best to go to the ladies room to do the test! If the spot turns a darker blue color, the drink might be jeopardized by a “date rape” drug!!! (The most common drugs used by rapists in bars are: GHB and Ketamine)

We also have another Test Kit available called: Drink Guard, with 20 tests!

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