Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Lightning Rod Stun Flashlight 26 Million Volts!

This incredible unit has 26 million volts of self defense. It's mall and simple to use against an attacker. Plus it only cost's $39.95

This unit is small, perfect for keeping it in a purse or pocket! It works as a stun gun and also includes a flashlight. The 26 million volt stun gun part can drop a bad intentioned individual, by simply touching them with the unit. No need to push! PLUS, it's also an incredible flashlight 180 lumen XPE LED.

The 180 lumen flashlight unit includes 5 light modes: high, medium, low, strobe and SOS! Very few flashlights have SOS lights. The Lightning Rod Stun Flashlight 26 Million Volts also has a unique shape, it's square... This prevents it from rolling away!

Don't forget that you can use it as a self defense Stun Gun as well!

Of course it's rechargeable, just plugs into a convenient wall socket. It also includes a LIFETIME WARRANTY from manufacturer's defects. 

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