Thursday, March 11, 2010

Use Self Defense Products if You Take Public Transportation

If you are one of those people who depends on public transportation to go to work or school, you know how scary it can be sometimes. I used to take the fast transit system in Atlanta, GA and knew way back in 1988 that I needed some sort of weapon, I could rely on, for my personal protection. Arriving at my neighborhood station was not really an issue. My dilemma was leaving the station and walking to my car in the dark on winter nights. It was usually parked 2 blocks away from the train station. It didn't take long for me to decide to purchase my first stun gun! I felt like a big weight had been lifted from my shoulders. It was the first night I walked to my car with a weapon I could rely on. All the fear just rolled off my shoulders and I was able to actually enjoy the fresh air while walking to my car!

Personal security is vital to have whether you take the train or a bus to work. During the night hours, it is even more important. You can carry a stun gun or something as simple as a pepper spray. Citizens can actually even carry citizen tasers now! Whether you are a woman or a man, thieves or criminals will take advantage of the visual disadvantage and assault or steal from you at night. That doesn't mean that you couldn't also be taken advantage of in broad daylight!

Now more than ever, it is very easy to purchase stun guns, pepper sprays, tasers or personal alarms. Thanks to the Internet, there are many websites that offer all kinds of non lethal, self defense products. There are many types of pepper spray, in all shapes and sizes. Pepper spray now, even comes in powder form or disguised as other objects, such as pens or pagers! There are a lot of stun guns to choose from too. They come in different voltages and shapes as well as disguised. Tasers come in different shapes and colors as well.

Don't put off your personal safety. Most non lethal, self defense products, are very reasonably priced and worth spending the money on. Especially when your life could depend on it!
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