Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Father's Day Gift: Jolt Mini Stun Gun 35 Million Volts Black, Only $25.95

The Jolt Mini Stun Gun 35 Million Volts is the most strongest unit in our's store... Perfect for a Father's Day Gift that he can use for self defense!
There are many non lethal, self defense stun gun units in the market, but this one surpasses all the others with an incredible 35 Milllion Volts of takedown protection for civilians. The Jolt Mini Stun Gun 35 Million Volts Black, has incredible features and it's easy to use. If an attacker try's to harm you, simply pull out the unit and touch them with it. Simply touch, no need to push. After a second or 2, they will fall to the ground! Keep touching them until they become incoherent and then leave the scene immediately and don't look back. It's as simple as that!

Features you might ask? Includes triple technology, which allows 3 separate points of contact. It also includes a disable pin with wrist strap, that disables the unit if the attacker takes it from you. This unit can also be charged directly from a wall outlet, no extra wires required. Plus there's more... An LED flashlight, safety switch, black nylon holster, rubberized armor which protects the unit and helps you grip it better. And if that wasn't enough, it also includes a 5 Year Warranty from manufacture's defects. This is a Father's Day Gift he will take wherever he goes!

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