Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Father’s Day Gift: Mace® Pepper Spray Defense Batons, are also REFILLABLE!

They are popular worldwide, and you've seen them worn on motorcycle enthusiasts and men or women that like non lethal, personal protection. Perfect for a Father's Day Gift, on June 19th!
Women aren't the only people that need self defense protection, men need it, as well. These Mace Pepper Spray Defense Batons, Refillable, are perfect for a Father's Day Gift. Plus, of course, they can also be used as Kubotans and are great for jabbing, hitting pressure points on an attacker and also for key flailing! The attractive batons include 6 pepper spray bursts and can reach 5 feet away. PLUS, they are REFILLABLE! Simply purchase the Mace® Pepper Spray Defense Baton Refill. No need to buy another unit again...

These Mace Pepper Spray Defense Batons, Refillable, are machined from heavy aluminum which makes them very powerful and almost indestructible. They have a convenient keyring, as well. These Kubotans, make a very unique Father's Day Gift! Plus, of course, he can carry it for self defense, anywhere he goes.

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