Thursday, June 9, 2016

Fathers Day Gift: The Taser Pulse Black, The Ultimate Weapon for Men or Women's Self Defense

This unit offers self defense without fatally hurting an individual. It reaches up to 15 feet away and can continue to tase an attacker for 30 seconds more, while you escape safely!

One of the newest unit from TASER International... It has all the incredible features the TASER C2 had, and more! It's called the TASER Pulse, Black and makes a great Father's Day Gift. This unit is small and easily fits into men and women's hands, unlike previous, large non lethal self defense weapons.

Taser Pulse Incredible Features
- Reaches 15 feet for safe distance
- Includes Laser aiming
- Includes LED flashlight
- Compact: 5.25" x 4.75" x 1.25
- Automatic 30 sec. deployment on ground
- Taser Int'l replaces stolen unit w/police record
- Battery status indicator and MORE!

Your father doesn't need a lethal firearm for self defense, that can land him in prison and requires cleaning, too! Plus, the automatic 30 sec. deployment doesn't even exist in hand guns...  Be smart, give your Dad a Father's Day Gift, with incredible features, that he can use safely without the maintenance or repercussions of a firearm!

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