Friday, June 3, 2016

NEW: Emergency Disaster Radio, Also Great for Camping!

This unit has all the bells and whistles you will ever need. Whether you are in a disaster area, such as a hurricane, camping or simply at the beach or poolside! 

It's called the Emergency Disaster Radio, 6-way Powered. This handy unit includes many features you can't be without. Such as Dynamo Cranking Power, Solar Panel Power, can be powered by AA Batteries, includes Built-in Rechargeable Battery Pack, AC Adaptor charge from 3.5 mm jack (optional), and you can even charge it from your computer via USB port!

If that wasn't enough, the Emergency Disaster Radio, 6-Way Powered,  also includes radio reception from AM, FM, SW1, SW2, Weather Band and Weather Alert! Overall, it's ideal for many emergency situations... You can listen to it at home, use it while camping or take it on road trips. The unit is available in Red, Blue, Black, Green and also in Yellow!

To make your new dynamo solar cranking power radio fully operational, please follow the 4 simple steps included in the instructions!

Get more incredible detailed features on our website, linked above!

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