Monday, June 4, 2012

Double Self Defense Power!

Impressive is not enough to describe this weapon... Show the sparks of this shocking device to an attacker and watch him run away. This truly defines having a handle on your self defense!

Not only is the Double Trouble Stun Gun a sight to behold, it also is very powerful. Just discharge this unit up in the air and no one will want to be near you! Even the sound of it, lets people know it will hurt! The 1.2 million volt weapon has 2 stunning areas, twice the defense on an attacker. The appearance is not just for looks, but for ergonomic purposes. This device is very comfortable in your hand and gives you an extension that feels natural. The entire weapon has a soft rubber surface, that helps you grip it even more and prevents it from sliding off your fingers. It also has an activation or safety switch. Touching an attacker with this stun gun for 1 to 4 seconds can cause the person to fall down and have mental confusion, it will prevent a person from continuing an attack. If you touch them for a full 5 seconds or more, it will disorient them, make them lose their balance and fall. The shock will leave them weak and dazed for minutes after the attempted attack.

Keep this defense weapon in your purse, briefcase or backpack. It also includes a nylon holster if you prefer to wear it on your hip! The Double Trouble Stun Gun, requires 3 lithium batteries that are included with the purchase of the unit.

Always remember to have the Double Trouble Stun Gun in your hand and ready to fire, when walking through dangerous areas, such as parking lots, alleys, stairways, etc. Or in any other dangerous situations you may encounter.

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