Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Women Targeted Instead of Embraced in our Society

Is it just our imagination or are women in our society, being targeted and blamed for all our nation's problems?

Be it direct attacks like physical crimes against women such as rape or accusations that women should just stop having sex because they might get pregnant. A Woman is accused of being a whore or a prostitute because she wants to be fulfilled sexually... men excluded, of course. All of a sudden they are baby killers, bad mothers or the reason their sons become mass murderers. Plus let's not forget about domestic violence victims, who's only crime, was to marry the wrong man! Domestic violence is usually a hush, hush situation. These violent cases are rampant, yet you rarely hear about them in the news, unless of course it's about a movie star involved in a domestic violence situation...

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There literally IS an attack against women in our American society. Most of these attacks are unfortunately coming from high profile individuals lately, and even from elected officials that us women actually voted for! Laws are presently being passed that restrict women from fulfilling their professional as well as their personal lives.

It's disconcerting, to read so many articles about women being abused abroad, while here in our own country, women are also treated disrespectfully and yes, as second class citizens too. Most Americans don't know that there's an average of 207,754 victims of rape, annually in our country (as per the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network). That is an average of 1 rape, occurring every 2 minutes! This figure doesn't include sexual assaults that are not reported to the police by it's victims. These are for the most part, hate crimes. To make it worse, we have to hear about elected officials, almost trying to put us back in caves and dragging us by our hair... If they had their way, they would not allow women to work outside of their homes, let alone vote!

Fortunately in our society, women are the majority of voters and social media, such as FaceBook exists. We can change this trend. Our hope is that women will choose to vote for issues or candidates that help women and not hurt them. Because in the end, all societies are judged by how people treat their women and children. We have a long ways to go and we need to stand by each other and not allow this trend against women, to continue!

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