Saturday, October 15, 2016

Do You Have a Bored Pet? Teach Him or Her Some Tricks!

I've had many dogs throughout my life, can't remember when I didn't! My parents loved them and our pets, loved and guarded our home and family.

Nothing can be better than a dog having a sense of loyalty and protection for their owners. It's instinctual for dogs to protect. But dogs aren't only for our protection... They are our companions and are very smart. PLUS, they like to learn! Canines can get bored sometimes, if you don't pay attention to them. Teaching a puppy or an adult canine tricks and playing with them, socializes them more with their owners.

Important Dog Tricks To Teach Your Dog 
  • Sit: simply lower their backside for a few seconds
  • Sit and Shake: while they are sitting, lift one of their front legs
  • Down: while they are sitting, request them to lay down (w/ head up)
  • Up: have your pup stand on their hind legs
  • Turn Around: show a treat, wave your hand over their head while turning
  • Fetch: teach your dog to get things for you, ball, toy, leash...
  • Come: teach him or her to be close to you
  • Ring Bell: teach your pet to let you know he/she, needs to GO outside!
Plus, remember never get mad at your dog while teaching them and praise them when they do the tricks. It will take time to teach them... Always gratify them with a treat, if they do what they are told! Our dog is small, so I give her a Cheerio and praise her each time! Practice this often, so they don't forget...

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