Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Buy Personal Defense Holiday Gifts in Bulk!

Impress your friends and family with a unique gift, they are sure to carry with them throughout the year. Let them know that you care about their safety.

Don't give your family or friends, your typical gifts for the holidays. Surprise them with a totally different and unique present. Our website includes 4 items that you can buy in bulk rates and save money. These personal defense products are perfect stocking stuffers and totally unexpected. Plus, you know that they will not be put away somewhere and forgotten. This is because they really are handy to have and to carry everyday for safety!

Our personal defense Pepper Spray Hardcase and Pepper Spray Softcase, are available in bulk rates for the holidays! Don't forget that both these sprays are 18% pepper concentration, versus other sprays that only have 10% concentration. We also have the Keychain Alarm with Flashlight and the Keychain Personal Alarm with Light, available in bulk prices as well!

If safety is something you desire for your loved ones, offer them unique bulk rated, self defense gifts, that will keep them protected from crime. Don't offer them clothes or perfume this holiday. Especially if you're not sure they will like them… Give them something they will carry year round… Save your family or friends, the trip of having to return items they don't need!

Enjoy the holidays safely!

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