Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Are You Planning to Go Away for the Holidays this Year?

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Many of us travel during the holidays to see relatives. One of our concerns is, how safe is our house or apartment from burglars?

Home protection security systems can be pretty expensive and while they give you peace of mind, there are also cheaper ways for home protection. This is why we are suggesting a simple but reliable anti-intrusion device.

The Dual Function Door Brace is great for sliding doors and regular doors, too. When it comes to sliding ones, many of us have used broom sticks! But a broomstick is not only ugly, it's nasty and not reliable for an apartment or house protection. Sometimes it doesn't even fit correctly. With this brace, you can adjust it to the the width you need. It has rubber ends, so it won't slide and it's built strong, with 20 gauge steel! Plus it not only works on sliding entrances, it also has a curved rubber end, that you can place under a regular door knob. Just lean it against the knob, by adjusting it's length and there you have it! Nobody will be able to push your back door in, this holiday season. No need to keep that old chair, next to your home entrance, either!

Remember that the holidays are also celebrated by burglars. It's the best time of the year for them as well! Whether you are staying home for the holidays or not, this brace is a must have, against burglars or intruders, anytime of the year!

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