Monday, November 5, 2012

Brisk Walking Exercise Safety Tips

Lets face it, many of us women aren't very athletic and can't run marathons, so the next best thing is to walk as fast as we can and try not to hurt anything!

But the focus of this post it not to train women for posture or how to pace themselves, but rather to offer basic safety tips during their fresh air escapades. This is assuming the weather allows it and you dress appropriately.

Photo by Alex E. Proimos
OK, the first of our tips is the music one. Yes, us women do enjoy music while we walk briskly but it can also make you less aware of your surroundings and that can be a problem! If you must listen to it, lower the volume. Better to listen to perhaps a talk show, interview, the news… Something that doesn't completely fade out the noises in your environment. The best thing of course is not to place anything in your ears and listen to the birds or cars, you get the idea! Another of the safety tips is to change your routine. If you can go walking at different times of the day, do it! Be less predictable about the time of day you exercise. This will deter a predator from targeting you. Also try not to take the same path, take alternate or random routs each day. Explore around, its not like you are on a race track, going around in circles… Enjoy your exercise walks by looking at different scenery. Also, if you have a walking buddy such as a friend or a pet, that is even better!

Use common sense when walking briskly, especially if your neighborhood doesn't have side walks. If you must walk on the side of the street, go against your instinct and walk toward traffic! This way, you can dodge any car that is coming at you and no vehicle will sneak from behind you. Let's admit, there are bad drivers, texting going on and people driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Don't worry, after following this particular tip for a few days, you will wonder, why you didn't do this before!

Ok, these are the common sense, basic safety walking tips. We didn't want you women to read a thesis! Now go out and exercise and please, don't forget to carry a self defense item in your escapades...

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