Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Huge Inventory of Powerful Stun Guns for Holiday Gifts

Available in pink or black!
Since October of 2006, has been offering self defense products to it's customers. We take pride in selling non lethal weapons and our line of stun guns is no exception.

Our most popular stun gun is the Strongest Stun Gun with 7.5 Million Volts of powerful take down force. For the sale price of only $37.46, it's no wonder that it is our biggest or "strongest" seller! But we also sell other Stun Guns of all sizes and shapes, ranging from 200,000 volts with alarms to the strongest voltage mentioned above. We offer them in different colors and disguised as well. Some look like a Lipstick, a Cell Phone, Pen, Perfume and even like a Flashlight. We also sell devices such as Batons that are as powerful as 6 Million volts! Most of our products have disable pins, LED lights, safety switches and a LIFETIME WARRANTY! Many are rechargeable, no batteries required. Some literally plug into the wall, no cords necessary and some have a rubberized armor exterior. The rubber is good for the weapon's durability and also prevents the unit from slipping from your fingers!

Lipstick Stun Gun
If you have any questions on any of our self defense products, simply call us… We actually answer the phones! Plus, explore our website, we have some bulk rated items as well. This is in case you want to take care of many Holiday gifts all at once. WomenOnGuard also has a Safety Tips category. The tips page includes some safety tips on how to shop safely... That is if you need to absolutely go to a brick and mortar store for the rest of your gifts!

What better gift can there be than to offer a self defense weapon that is not lethal, yet protects the life of a loved one?

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