Thursday, July 31, 2014

A College Drill Given To My Niece!

My niece will be attending college as a freshman student this fall. So I took it upon myself to send her a message via Facebook, about what she should be aware of while attending a University.

This is exactly what I sent her (grammar mistakes and all):
"Remember, to take your pepper spray, even if they don't allow it. AND a stun gun! Not sure if we gave you these things... If we did, the pepper spray should be canned, because it's pressure might not be very good anymore. Let me know and we will send you some extra PROTECTION!" And... "PLUS, don't forget, NEVER drink from a punch bowl or a pre-opened container, from a glass or bottle given to you, unless you saw it poured! Date rape drugs are very rampant in college... AND, keep an eye on your drink, this prevents date rape! When walking on campus at night, do it with a friend or request campus police to escort you! SERIOUSLY. This is not to scare you, but to prepare you. Be smart and practice common sense prevention, take the pepper spray or stun gun with you at all times. One more thing, we'll send some Date Rape Test Strips, so you can test drinks given to you from students you don't know well."

Crazy? Maybe the delivery was, but she got the idea and that's what counts… Feel free to copy, paste and send to students going to college! At that young age, they'll ingest the drill and have it in their minds while strolling college campus territory!

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