Friday, August 1, 2014

Going Shopping With Your Toddler?

A mother's much anticipated yet dreaded shopping spree with a toddler. You're all excited to get new things, but worried about the safety of your child and their curious mind.

We can't blame children for their curiosity and wondering off, that's how they learn! But it seems really mean to tie them on a leash, makes them look like they are prisoners in a chain gang! Nope, there is definitely an alternative and one that every young mother ought to know about.

It's called the Child Safety Panda Alarm and it's made for wondering little bodies! You won't have to tie your child again… This is an alarm system that involves a monitor that you the mother carries and a transmitter that the child wears, which looks like a little panda. You determine how far you are willing to let your child wander. If your little one goes beyond that distance, you will get a beep from your monitor. The unit can be adjusted from 3 to 21 feet away… It even has a beep to let you know if your child's unit has been turned off or damaged. Plus it also has many other Great Features!

This Child Safety Panda Alarm is a must for mothers with young wondering children. It could also be a great 1st birthday gift or even for giving at a baby shower, in anticipation of a happy and curious little sweetheart!

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