Friday, August 15, 2014

Last Minute Requirement For College Students!

Of course you want your daughter or son to succeed in college, but first and foremost, you want them to be safe and be able to defend themselves!
We don't need to mention all the hoopla that happens in college campuses, from huge parties to sport events and everything in-between. Including studying, of course… BUT… don't forget that they also need to stay safe! College safety is a huge deal in this day and age. At we have 3 college self defense packages. One you might be interested in is the College Safety Package!

This Safety Package for Student's Self Defense Includes:
- Pepper Spray w/Key Ring: available in several colors in hard or soft cases
- Stun Pen 2.5 Million Volts: includes flashlight and is rechargeable
- Personal Alarm with 120dB: includes a flashlight and key ring

Pepper spray is non lethal yet it will stop a trouble maker from going too far! Almost all our pepper spray units have a convenient key ring, so the student will always have it handy. Stun pens are also handy when danger is at arms length. Touching a troublemaker with a self defense stun pen (or stun gun) will eventually drop them to the ground! Personal alarms can notify campus police and it's a must for female students. If your daughter is attending college, make sure she has a personal alarm!

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