Tuesday, August 26, 2014

StreetWise Pepper Foam Expands And Stick's To An Attacker's Face

Not all pepper sprays are the same and this one works differently compared to other self defense units for women or men. You see, it shoots out a stream of foam, not a stream of liquid.

Interesting? You bet, because it not only shoots out the foam, but it also sticks to the face… PLUS, it EXPANDS! Yeap, if you think you didn't aim well at their eyes, don't worry, because this baby's foam expands 600% throughout the face! It's also heavier than most other spray, consequently, there is less of a chance of blow back. So, it's handier than other units if you are surrounded by windy conditions.

This self defense 18% unit for women is called the Pepper Foam 18%. The 18% stands for the concentration of the hot substance it contains. Most units in the market only have 10% concentration of pepper. Making this unit almost twice as hot!

Need more details? Not only does it engulf's an attacker's face, it contains 6 shots and can reach up to 7 feet away. It also includes a UV Marking Dye, that facilitates police in identifying an attacher if they are placed under a UV lamp. Of course, this spray also has a key ring and a belt clip.

Remember to always take it out and ready to shoot, whenever you are uneasy about your surroundings... Very convenient and perfect for women to carry at all times for self defense.

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