Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tomato Throwing Festival In Spain

I'm sure you have heard of LA TOMATINA, tomato throwing festival that is celebrated in Spain, every year, since 1945... The festival uses an estimated 120,000 pounds of tomatoes during the festivities.

As a child, I lived in Spain for 4 years and I love the country, but I will admit that it's one of the most ridiculous events the Spanish people have conjured up! Food should not be discarded, just for fun...

It doesn't make sense to me, to have a festival that basically throws food away, like a tomato, while there is so much hunger in this world. These fruits, yes, they aren't vegetables.. have a place in our diet around the globe. A tomato is nutritious and delicious. When I see this festival come around year after year, I can't stop but think of the hungry in this world. Africa is right beneath Spain and it's one of the most poorest continent in our world and many of it's people are plagued with hunger!

It's a shame that this country throws away so much food for an event that is ridiculous and could easily be donated toward world hunger. There should be a movement, to stop it!

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