Thursday, August 7, 2014

Mace Pepper Spray Pen, Best Gift For College Students

No doubt that the most required item to send a student to college with, is a pen. But if you send them with a writing utensil that also serves as a self defense weapon, it's even better!

The Mace Pepper Spray Pen should be a required item for the college student. Right up there with the books, paper and backpack. It's backed by Mace, one of the most if not the most reputable manufacturers of non lethal self defense products.

No college student should be without one. Besides shooting pepper spray, it also WRITES! Plus, when the hot substance is used up, there's no worries, because it's REFILLABLE, as well… Your daughter or son will always have it conveniently with them. A weapon disguised as a pen in a college atmosphere is not noticeable, but it sure can deliver a punch to any lowlife attacker! There is no point sending your child to a higher education facility, if they can't defend themselves, in this day and age… All pupils should carry self defense non lethal weapons, especially when attending higher education.

Send your daughter or son equipped with the essentials to attend higher education and with a Mace pepper spray unit for their personal protection, as well!

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