Monday, August 25, 2014

Our Strongest Yet, Military Grade Pepper Spray And Or Stun Gun Combined!

This newest self defense product shoots even further than our Mace Pepper Gun. It can reach up to 25 feet away! The unit is also available in an upgraded model that includes a stun gun with flashlight, as well!

Just by looking at this self defense weapon, makes you fearful! Although it's not pretty, it certainly can deter an attacker away and if they insist on causing harm, it delivers a pepper spray punch, that will totally devastate them. The unit is called the Police Force Pepper Spray Defender! Definitely made for individuals who take seriously, their home or their own person's safety. This unit is also recommended to take when camping or going through wilderness trails.

This tactical unit can discharge pepper spray in a continues stream that lasts 10 to 12 seconds. It also can shoot 10 to 12 one-second bursts. Plus, you can use it sideways or upside down, basically in any angle. It uses a pressured canister that when used up, can be replaced with a new one. Included with it is a 3 fl. oz. can of inert spray and one 2 fl. oz. can of Sabre Red pepper spray.

PLUS, if all that doesn't make your socks roll up and down, there is a second model in our store called the Police Force Triple Defender! This is similar to the above unit but it has an extra Police Force Tactical Stun Gun with flashlight attached to it. This tactical stun gun includes 8.5 Million volts. The flashlight itself has 3 modes; 100% or 50% power or a STROBE light. No doubt that both of these new units in our store offer great self defense!

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