Monday, August 18, 2014

Military Tanks Are For Wars, Not For Civilian Protests

How would you like it if, you looked out of your home's front window and saw military war tanks, cruising by?

Ferguson, Missouri - NBC News
If that's not enough, terrifying soldier-like police, carrying machine guns and other military weapons! It happened in Ferguson, Missouri, USA... last Wednesday.

We have become used to watching this kind of scenery in the Middle East with their on going wars, but not in our country! Is this going to eventually escalate, to the point that we will look like those videos from the Middle East?

You might be wondering how on earth do police have the right to use these huge military weaponry? Well, seems like now the Defense Department’s 1033 Program, can also give these "toys" to law enforcement agencies such as Ferguson's, as well! But how competent are cops, to maneuver these tanks and war equipment? And for what? For controlling angry crowds? Weren't we able to do it for decades before, with pepper spray and batons? Using more intense weaponry, only escalates the need for citizens to arm themselves even more! The reason for using such intense weaponry is because civilians have been allowed to purchase all kinds of them. Some Americans are actually carrying semi-automatic firearms, assault rifles and even machine guns!

Let's try not to get caught on a never ending and escalating civilian problem like what happened in Ferguson with the police. Let's communicate better with each other and solve problems with our brains, not with violence or tanks. Let's not become the America Middle East!

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