Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Facial Expressions Of People Touched By A Stun Gun

We thought you would be interested in watching the expression of people when they get touched by a non lethal stun gun which is used for self defense.

Video by Patrick@fstoppers

The video was well done, but we need to clarify that the weapon used was a STUN GUN not a Taser, as the title of the video implies. Citizen Tasers shoot out 2 probes that reach 15 feet away. Stun guns are used by just touching a person at arm's length. At the end of the video the photographer showed the unit that was used. It looked like an old model that probably had 500,000 volts. That particular unit was relatively week compared to some of our present stun guns at which include up to 20,000,000 volts of self defense power!

We would like to clarify that the facial expressions shown, represent what someone might look like when a fast, half second touch, with the non lethal self defense weapon is used. Touching for 2 to 5 seconds, can drop a person down to the ground, render them totally helpless, disoriented and temporarily paralyzed. Most of the time the larger or bigger the person is, the longer you need to keep touching them before they loose total control… And yes, these units are even effective through clothing and cost less than a Taser!
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