Friday, August 8, 2014

Are You A Socialite Woman Who Parties Every Time She Gets A Chance?

Well then, you've probably heard about women becoming victims of Date Rape Drugs. But are you prepared to prevent becoming another statistic?

Photo by TheCulinaryGeek, hook by Night-thing, retouched by Women On Guard
We hope you are prepared and if you aren't, you need to know about how to prevent it. One sure way is to carry with you Date Rape Drug Test Strips. These little pieces of paper will change to a certain color, notifying you that your drink has been tainted and it's unsafe for consumption. Make sure you don't get hooked by a date rapist!

They are available in 10 Strips and 20 Strips. Each strip has 2 tests available, so you get twice the amount of tests per package. They are reasonably priced and a must to keep in your purse or pocket when going to bars, nightclubs or parties. When you get your drink, simply step into, for example, a restroom and perform the test there. A small step to take, when it's in regards to your personal safety!

Of course there are other ways women can avoid sexual assault:
- Always ask for a closed container
- Avoid punch bowl drinks
- Always check while your drink is poured
- Never accept a glass that looks dirty

It's good practice for women to always be aware and carry Date Rape Drug Test Strips to prevent from becoming a victim. Let your girl friends know about these handy little pieces of paper, too!

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