Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Are You Searching For Self Defense Items?

If you are, you don't need to search any further… We have a package deal that consists of a stun gun, a door stop alarm and your choice color of pepper spray, which is also available in hard or soft cases. 

Whether you are one of these women that lives alone, goes to college or has to go to work, this Personal Safety Package was made for you! Of course, men need to carry a self defense item, as well! You buckle up your car's seat belt when you drive to places, so why not take with you some self defense item, for your own personal safety?

This Package For Women or Men Includes:

Small Fry Stun Gun 2 Million Volts Rechargeable - Includes a built in charger, LED flashlight, rubberized coating, so it won't slip from you hands, free holster and a Lifetime Warranty!
Pepper Spray - With 18% OC concentration versus only 10% that most other units have. Choose from soft or hard case pepper spray in several colors. Plus, it can reach up to 7 feet away and contains 6 shots. Includes a UV Marking Dye, key ring and safety lock. Available in soft or hard cases.
Door Stop Alarm - This protection device, wedges under a door and makes it impossible for trespassers to intrude into a bedroom, hotel or college dorm room. It also includes a 120dB alarm, that notifies you if someone wants to get in. Plus, a battery for the unit is included!

Self defense for citizens, especially women and college students, is very important in this day and age. Don't become a victim! Simply use non lethal devices for personal protection. Using non lethal weapon such as a stun gun, will not land you in jail, unlike lethal ones, that could!

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