Wednesday, July 9, 2014

It's Now Legal For New Yorkers To Take Medical Marijuana

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, has passed the measure into law and it will be effective in 18 months.

Photo: NBC Bay Area
But, and this is a big BUT, it will only be available in a vaporized, oil based form or to be ingested. Basically, New York citizens won't be able to smoke medical marijuana. You didn't think it would be "al natural" did ya?

Of course not, Big Pharmaceuticals has to be involved and add other ingredients to this so called drug. Natural plants are harmful for ya… NOT! It's to be expected for this incredible plant to be tampered with by us humans, so that there is some HUGE profit somewhere! What were you thinking…? Government has to have a piece of the action, as well!

I have been a glaucoma patient for about 20 some years now. My glaucoma has been getting worse, to the point that now I take 2 different drops, twice a day! But medical marijuana is not legal yet in Florida and it doesn't seem like it will be, anytime soon. I don't understand, why some drugs can be taken nationally, but something like medical marijuana can't! I guess I will go blind, by the time they pass it here!

Well, just wanted to inform you on what's going on and how many people, like myself, will go blind, before this wonder drug/plant will be legal in the entire USA and not in just 23 States!

Source: Associated Press / NBC New York

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