Monday, July 28, 2014

What Kind Of Parent Forgets Their Baby In A Car?

In last Friday's news there was yet another case of a 10 month old baby left in a hot car, by a parent, to die in Wichita's summer heat. The child was picked up from the babysitters and later forgotten in the car for 2 hours!

Photo by jaygooby
Of course we are busy with work, cleaning, paying bills, so on and so forth… But there really is no excuse for children who depend on you, to be forgotten and locked in a car! That in itself is unforgivable, but doing this in the hot summer heat is definitely more than unforgivable, it's a crime!

When people decide to become parents, they have an obligation to raise their child safely and provide for them, until they become adults. There simply is no excuse for letting a baby die in the hot summer heat because you "forgot about the baby". If you are that forgetful, you don't need to be taking care of your own children. There are plenty of good parents out there, that would love to adopt them and protect them from people that are too busy looking out for just themselves!

Statistics show that many children die in hot vehicles every year. In fact more than 36 annually. What kind of society does this to helpless babies?

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