Monday, September 27, 2010

Personal Travel Alarm with Motion Detector

There are many personal alarms out in the market today, but very few if any at all, include a motion detector. The Mini Travel Alarm is unique because you can have it set off a loud 15 second blast by pushing a button or it can actually go off on it's own!

You can use the Mini Travel Alarm as a personal defense alarm or rape alarm, to let people know that you are in danger. It's called a travel alarm too because you can literally use it as an intruder alarm if you are away from home, for example a hotel room, vacation rental or even a dorm! This alarm has a motion detector behind a cover that conveniently slides down when you want it to detect motion. 60 Seconds after you slide the cover down and press a button, it will detect motion for up to 10 feet away! You basically can place it facing any door or window and it will let you know if it has been opened by emitting a 100dB blast that sounds for 15 seconds. How handy is that? Of course there are limitless applications for this convenient alarm. It can be aimed at your computer or any valuable item you might see fit for others not to be around!

Other features in this personal or rape alarm, includes a safety wrist strap so that if it is taken or stolen from your wrist, it will detach from the alarm and make the alarm go off automatically! It has a convenient LED flashlight too. This Mini Travel Alarm is very small, only 2.5 inches tall and uses three LR44 batteries (included).
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