Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Crimes Against Real Estate Agents in Ohio

It seems there is a trend in Ohio of crimes against real estate agents. Two real estate agents have been killed in just this last week alone.

It's no wonder with the housing market like it is and foreclosures left and right, all over the country, that many real estate agents are targeted by frustrated individuals. This crime scenario will probably increase if the housing market doesn't improve. Although real estate agents are personally not responsible for the housing market situation, they are being targeted and they should be aware of this danger.

It's been known in the past, how vulnerable real estate agents are when it comes to showing houses to strangers. All real estate agents should carry some sort of weapon to defend themselves against crime. Especially female real estate agents. A pepper spray, stun gun or even a taser should be required by real estate companies for their agents. To be a real estate agent is probably one of the most dangerous professions to be in. Consider their predicament: a stranger with them, an empty house or house they have never been in, showings during the day or night, strange neighborhoods, etc. To top it off, if the agent is female, that pretty much doubles the odds against her! Post office mail carriers carry pepper spray as a weapon to protect themselves against dogs. Why shouldn't real estate agents do the same?

If you know of a real estate agent or if one just helped you sell or buy a house, give them a pepper spray, stun gun or taser, besides or course their commission! They will really appreciate it.
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