Friday, May 24, 2013

It's Safer For Women, When There's A Little Fog Around

Mace Fogger sprays pepper spray in an aerosol form, covering a rapist's entire face.You might think this is the wrong thing to say, but some fog can actually protect women from crime.

But we aren't talking about that moist fog that sometimes engulfs city streets and causes vehicle accidents. Our's is not a weather occurrence, but a product called; Mace Triple Action Fogger… and it also includes TEAR GAS! Triple stands for hot pepper, tear gas and UV Dye. The dye helps identify a rapist if captured by police.

Women sometimes are not aware that most pepper sprays don't shoot an aerosol spray, they actually shoot a liquid stream of pepper solution. This particular item really does have an aerosol delivery, just like hair spray. The Mace Triple Action Fogger, doesn't require perfect aiming toward the eyes of a rapist. Just spray it in his face, and watch him scream in pain with tears in his eyes. The rapist's burning pain and coughing from the tear gas, will allow you to safely escape… You should then, turn away and take off, like a bat out of hell and immediately notify the police as soon as you safely can!

This Mace pepper product for women and men, contains 15 one-second shots and can reach up to 8 feet away. It also comes in a larger size called, Mace Triple Action Fogger Home Model.

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