Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Alarm Alerts You And Keeps Intruders Out!

Remember those little rubber door stoppers back in the day? They were very convenient to have around the house. But the one we are talking about is the upgraded version of that simple gadget and it also prevents intruders from getting into your home, motels, hotels or even college dorms.

Hotel rooms can be broken into and women need to take precautions.
Photo by BrownGuacamole
We all had those brown rubber thingys, to prevent entrances from closing. They were mostly used for interior doors. But this new thingy, called  simply the Door Stop Alarm by StreetWise, represents a whole new dimension to keeping intruders out! You can use them for your home, motels, hotels, college dorms or anywhere you need security.

Take a Door Stop Alarm when staying in a hotel room, motel, college dorm and keep one at home, as well.
This newer unit is larger than the old one, approximately 5.25" long. It doesn't only keep an entrance from opening, it also sounds a 120db alarm, if someone tries to enter! Plus, it has a motion sensor. This motion sensor will also sound the alarm, if moved. A sensitivity switch will allow you to adjust the motion sensor, depending on how sensitive you want the unit to be before it goes off and notifies you of an intruder! The bottom of this unit is rubbery, to prevent it from sliding.

Next time you plan to be away from home and staying at a motel or hotel, don't forget to take the Door Stop Alarm with you, to prevent intruders… It's also a good idea to have if you are a student in a college dorm… One more thing, it requires a 9 Volt battery which is not included but you can also purchase it on our website.

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