Monday, May 13, 2013

Personal Alarms In All Shapes And Sizes

If you are looking for a personal alarm, you should consider taking a peek at our diverse selection. Prices range from $4.95 to $33.99.
Personal alarm for women, senior citizens and the handicapped.
Personal defense alarms are mostly convenient to have for women, senior citizens, handicapped persons and for toddlers. Most of our Personal Alarms use batteries, but some use compressed air. Many have LED flashlights, key rings and wrist straps. Models range from 85db to 130db.

Personal, window and door alarm by mace, also has an LED light.We have them in all shapes, sizes and with different features! Included is a product for mothers with toddlers. They let mothers know when their toddler wonders off further than the programed distance that the mother sets the unit for! If the toddler goes beyond the designated distance the unit goes off. But not all defense alarms are for the weak, such as toddlers, senior citizens and the handicapped… We also have units for women or men who tend to fall asleep behind the wheel. This particular unit sounds off, if the driver's head nods forward. Great for long vacation trips or for people who drive for a living. One of our units has a motion detector, for those of you who have a laptop or suitcase and you don't want anyone to get near it… Our website has some which work for home protection that you can attache to your home window or door. One in particular, can be set when you leave your home, from the outside! Most alarms, require you to be inside your home, in order for them to be activated.

Driver's personal alarm, helps prevent you from falling asleep on long road trips.These defense units are always convenient to have, whether it's for women, senior citizens, the handicapped or for mothers with small children!

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