Thursday, May 30, 2013

Living In A Small Home And Can't Afford A Security System?

If this is your situation and you are concerned about your home and personal safety, but don't want to spend an arm and a leg for a security system… We have the perfect solution for you and it's also affordable!

Dangerous homes with easy access for home intrusion.
Photo by cdsessums
Simple to install and affordable, home security alarm without installing costly system.
Many people know the Mace brand, but most think that they only make pepper spray. That's not the case. In fact they have many home security items that are affordable. This one is called the Window Glass Breakage Alarm.

This little triangular Mace product is affordable and convenient for glass doors, too! It not only sounds a 95 decibel alarm, when someone breaks a glass entrance, it goes off if your window or door is bumped or hit by something or someone, as well.

The Window Glass Breakage Alarm by Mace is easy to install. Just peel off the paper backing from behind the unit and press it against the glass window or door. Turn the little black switch on, and viola, home security! Easy installation, affordable and lets you know if an intruder is trying to get into your home.

There is no need to feel unsafe in your own home! Battery is included and easily replaced by simply using a coin or similar item to open the cover of the alarm. Your home security can be this simple.

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