Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Weapon That Looks Like Perfume and Helps the Fight Against Breast Cancer

This disguised weapon is really a stun gun. Looks pretty and harmless, but has 1,000,000 powerful volts of self defense for women. Plus it helps toward finding a cure for Breast Cancer!

Woman in nightclub at with men looking at her.
Photo by skedonk
It only measures 3 3/4 tall by 1 inch diameter, yet it can bring a person down and render them helpless. Just the sound of the Pink Perfume Stun Gun 1 Million Volts w/ Flashlight, is scary enough to keep someone away from you. Touching a person with it for 1 minute, will cause minor muscle contractions and repelling effect. If you touch someone for 2 seconds, it causes muscle spasms and a dazed mental state. If you continue for 3 to 5 seconds, it will cause loss of balance, loss of muscle control, total mental confusion and disorientation... The aggressor will be totally helpless! But rest assured, these effects are just temporary, the stun gun won't cause permanent damage.

Powerful self defense, stun gun weapon that also includes and LED flashlight and is rechargeable!This self defense weapon is small enough to pass as a lipstick as well as a perfume container. Plus, a portion of the proceeds, go to fight Breast Cancer.

Pink Perfume Stun Gun Features
• Rechargeable, no batteries needed
• Disguised, element of surprise
• LED flashlight
• Safety cap and safety switch
• Keychain Attachment
• Lifetime Warranty

Not bad for such a small self defense unit! A powerful, yet small, disguised pink weapon that also helps find a cure for Breast Cancer.

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