Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ever Notice That Cops Use Tear Gas? You Can Too!

If there is anybody out in todays society that should carry tear gas, it's us women. With the number of rapes each year against women, it's no wonder we don't go around with machine guns to protect ourselves…

Parking lot at night.  Photo by Tony Webster
But the good thing about tear gas, is that it is non lethal and when you combine it with pepper spray, it's even more effective in putting down a potential rapist.

If you are serious about your personal safety, carry the Mace Triple Action Spray Personal Model. Triple, stands for pepper, tear gas and a UV Dye. The UV Dye helps police officers in your area, identify a rapist if captured.

This Mace pepper spray for women and men, has 18 grams of the hot solution which equals approximately 10, one second shots. It can reach up to 12 feet away, has a safety cap and includes a convenient key chain, as well. The hard case around it is ergonomic. It will only allow you to shoot the unit away from you and not accidentally toward you! The reason is, because spraying it requires you to easily lift the top up from the back of the unit with your thumb, and press down.

If you are physically threatened, make sure you aim the pepper spray towards a rapist's eyes and face. This will cause them to slam their eyes shut, because of the pain, therefore temporarily blinding them. This is your window of opportunity to escape unharmed! Always take your unit out of your purse and carry it in your hand prior to for example, heading towards your car in a parking lot. This would be one less step you would have to take, in order to defend yourself... because seconds count!

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