Thursday, May 28, 2015

The TASER M26c with Laser, Yellow

Citizen Tasers are the ultimate self defense weapon to stop a criminal or attacker and yet, they’re non lethal and can reach 15 feet away.

You’ve seen these self defense units in the news, on videos and even in movies… They will drop a criminal down temporarily that is up to 35 feet away, giving officers the chance to catch them.

The TASER M26c with Laser, Yellow, is for civilians and has many features. Some of these features are that it’s non lethal, includes laser sight with red dot for aiming, shoots 2 darts 15 feet away, has stun gun backup, doesn’t need cleaning like a regular gun would, and much, much more…

Get more information about the non lethal, self defense TASER M26c and other models, on our website, which include 15 feet of protection from an attacker.

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