Monday, May 11, 2015

NEW PRODUCT: Mini Stun Baton 4.5 Million Volt Is Rechargeable And Includes Disable Pin!

Our newest self defense stun baton on our website doesn’t take much room, but it delivers 4.5 Million Volts of temporary, takedown power! Perfect for women or men.

This mini unit when seen from far away, looks more like a collapsed umbrella and won’t make heads turn! Women or men can carry it easily, since it’s compact. But, if you are confronted with danger, the powerful voltage of this unit, will take down any attacker that comes toward you with bad intentions! Simply touching a criminal or attacker with this unit will temporarily incapacitate them! Just touch them with the unit and they will eventually fall to the ground. If you continue, they will also get confused and become immobile… But be advised, the effect is temporary, so you must escape as soon as you can! Read this self defense unit’s features below:

Mini Stun Baton 4.5 Million Volts Rechargeable
- Unit is rechargeable, just plugs into wall
- Includes a bright LED flashlight
- Includes safety wrist strap with disable pin
- Measures 9 1/2” x 2 1/8”
- Includes black nylon holster
- Made by Stun Master Stun Baton
- Lifetime Warranty from manufacturer defect

This 4.5 million volts mini self defense unit, fit’s into most purses, so women can easily carry it with them. It has 2 levels of safety: first the switch, to turn on the unit and then depressing the trigger, for it to actually stun an attacker.

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